Fast, secure, identity-enabled transactions with a simple finger scan.

FinGoPay is the world’s first match-on-cloud payment product, powered by VeinID biometrics. Integrating seamlessly with ePOS systems, payment kiosks, cashless wallets and unattended retail (vending); FinGoPay removes the need to rely on cards, cash or phones for payment, helping merchants transform their business and improve the customer experience.


Easier for businesses

  • Efficient: payment & loyalty redemption in one single transaction
  • Faster check out: reduce queues at peak times
  • Increase sales through built in loyalty: personalised basket level data every time
  • Highly secure: reduce fraud and chargeback risk
  • Encourage a plastic free customer
  • Build a lifelong connection to a customer

Easier for customers

  • Faster, frictionless experience
  • Secure – no lost or stolen cards
  • Earn/burn loyalty with every transaction

“FinGo has created a whole new category beyond payments and loyalty. It provides a new model for retail all retailers want but currently can’t get.”

Vikrant Bhalla
European Director of Solutions, Toshiba

"You're stripping payments down to the bare minimum. You don’t need a credit card, you don’t need a phone. It's just you."

Ray Hockley
Head of Presales, Security Business Group – EMEA, Hitachi Europe Ltd

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