FinGo is the next generation of biometric identity authentication.

We use world-first finger vein mapping technology to better connect people, places and businesses.

From making payments and verifying age, to accessing buildings or buying drinks from a vending machine, FinGo removes the need to rely on cards, documents or devices. All you need is your finger.

Our technology scans each person’s unique vein pattern – an internal biometric which cannot be traced or copied – making FinGo a more secure and inclusive way to navigate the world.

FinGo's next-generation identity platform


Regardless of geography, culture, age, background and socio-economic status.


Joining people, places and businesses.


Impossible to copy and fraudulently use.

Proven, award-winning biometric technology

For businesses, and regional and national governments alike, FinGo enables a person’s identity to be verified quickly and easily. With finger VeinID biometrics we can authenticate individuals as citizens, guests, customers, members, passengers and staff. The possibilities are endless.

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