FinGo is the most secure way to navigate the world.

Biometric data

All biometric data is securely stored and instantaneously encrypted, making it impossible to copy or fraudulently use.

Personal data

FinGo believe that everyone should be in control of their personal data. ​When signing up to FinGo, we ask for a name, email address and payment card details, but this information can be removed at any time on request.

All personal information is encrypted, tokenised and stored securely in our internal data vault. Each element is separated so there is no single place where data can be compromised.

Identity document verification

FinGo is designed to detect and reject fraudulent documentation. Checks are made on the accuracy of format, evidence of Photoshop tampering, hologram authenticity and other anti-forgery measures, such as micro-printing and blurriness.

Our feature-mapping technology allows us to match the face shown on an identity document, such as a passport or driving licence, with the live face, irrespective of differences in facial hair, glasses or makeup.

“It’s easier for me just to use my finger to pay rather than go and grab my wallet. This is way safer because you are unique as a person.”

Louise Harbo Schmidt
Student, Copenhagen Business School

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