Our Technology

Learn about our world-first vein mapping technology.

How it works

  • Everyone has a unique vein pattern inside their fingers
  • Our FinGo scanner maps these vein patterns using harmless infrared light
  • This pattern is converted into a personal digital ID key and stored securely in the cloud
  • Every time someone uses FinGo, we scan their finger and match their vein pattern against their digital ID key

The FinGo advantage

  • Register once, use anywhere 
    Users register once and then use their finger wherever FinGo is available. 
  • Secure
    Unlike facial and fingerprint recognition, finger vein patterns are an internal biometric, and therefore impossible to copy or fraudulently use. 
  • Convenient
    FinGo's small, lightweight scanners mean we can integrate and work alongside existing infrastructure in multiple environments,

"How people authenticate themselves for payments is a very big area of interest. And the FinGo proposition was particularly interesting because it answers the question about what happens beyond the card or phone. People have really embraced what is a brand new way to pay. It hasn’t been done anywhere else before, so really pleased with how everything’s gone.”

Mike Philpotts
Innovation Partner, Authentication, Visa Europe Collab

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