We’re helping our partners create COVID-secure hospitality and retail environments.

There are heightened concerns around how we interact with the world around us, particularly in retail and hospitality environments. FinGo is committed to following the latest government advice and guidance to minimise the spread of infection.

Whilst medical evidence now indicates that COVID-19 transmission is most likely airborne and not through contact with the virus on surfaces, we want to reassure customers that the finger scanning process is very hygienic and simple to use. FinGo scanners have an antibacterial coating on the finger placement area, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria.

“At CityCo we’ve been reviewing new technologies which can help Manchester re-open safely. FinGo’s new biometric product will allow our members to concentrate on welcoming their customers back, rather than manual registration on every visit or proof of age requiring a physical ID document check.”

Vaughan Allen
CEO, CityCo

“Providing a safe and secure option for guests to pay, prove their age and share contact details can only be a benefit as we navigate the coming months.”

Jenny McPhee
Brand Director, The Alchemist

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