15o February 2022


Partnership enables Croma to expand provision of non-invasive biometric tech to global client base

FinGo, a UK fintech behind the world’s first biometric identity authentication and payments platform, and Croma Security Solutions, the leading security access services provider, have entered a strategic partnership.

The new alliance will compliment and strengthen each company’s world-leading solutions in the provision of non-invasive biometric technology, expanding access to FinGo’s Vein ID platform to Croma’s global customer base.

FinGo’s Vein ID platform offers payment, identity, and age verification biometric services. Its technology takes a simple scan of a person’s vein pattern through infrared light, connecting it to a person’s registered FinGo account. This is then linked to their verified ID or a digital wallet to enable payments and identity authentication.

Later this year the platform will be trialled part of a Home Office regulatory sandbox into age verification technology for selling licensed goods.

Croma currently deploys FastVein biometrics across the retail, education and construction sectors, providing customers with a quick, easy to use, accurate and cost-effective identity management. Working with FinGo will enable Croma to offer payments alongside existing identity and access control offerings in these sectors. The move will expand FinGo’s digital identity management and payment expertise to include access.

Nick Dryden, FinGo’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “FinGo is delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with Croma. Our combined capability, coupling many years of experience in the security and access management arena with our payments and digital identity management expertise, will create a unique offering. We look forward to taking the joint offering to market in 2022 and giving existing and new customers an opportunity to deploy one single secure and convenient biometric solution.”

Roberto Fiorentino, Chief Executive Officer, Croma, added: “Croma is very pleased to announce today our official partnership with FinGo. This collaboration will give rise to the sharing of resource and solutions to bring exacting client offerings across a number of verticals in which we each currently operate. We are excited about the opportunity of becoming the absolute leaders in the provision of human identification, biometric payment systems and access control solutions.”

 In recent years, FinGo has adapted its solutions to integrate with COVID-support services, including secure contact tracing within hospitality settings and verification of employee COVID test results within the care industry. The company is also in talks with policy makers over the use of FinGo and vein ID for vaccine certification.

The technology is being assessed for use in national and regional identity schemes. In Cairo, FinGo is working with the Egyptian government to apply biometric technology across their healthcare, food subsidy and housing programmes. In Greater Manchester, Mayor Andy Burnham has initiated a working group to explore using Vein ID biometrics for the region’s transport, education and healthcare networks.