Fast, secure identity verification with a simple finger scan.

Identity and age verification presents a number of challenges for licensed establishments such as supermarkets, grocery stores, bars and clubs.

FinGo’s VeinID biometric technology enables merchants to instantly authenticate a person’s identity and age – such as when selling age-restricted products or managing entry to the premises.

With no need to rely on ID cards, documents or device for identification, FinGoVerify reduces queue times and provides a frictionless customer experience.


Easier for businesses

  • Eliminate fake IDs & manual checks
  • Eliminate need for additional NFC card
  • Faster customer checkout throughput
  • Less staffing intervention
  • Speed up entry to premises

Easier for customers

  • No need to carry ID or worry about documents being lost/stolen
  • Less time queuing

“Providing a safe and secure option for guests to pay, prove their age and share contact details can only be a benefit as we navigate the coming months.”

Jenny McPhee
Brand Director, The Alchemist

“Kuits is delighted to have advised on the compatibility of Fingopay with regards to age verification conditions for licensing purposes. We are pleased that Manchester City Council have approved the system for its use in licensed premises, and look forward to working with Fingopay and their customers as they roll out across the city.”

Rebecca Ingram
Associate, Kuits Solicitors, Manchester

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