New unattended vending machine for sale of alcohol

FinGoVend, the world’s first retail vending machine where users can now pay and prove their age through a simple scan of their finger.

FinGoVend is leading the way in ‘unattended retail’ for age-restricted products such as alcoholic drinks, e-cigarettes and vapes. Customers will simply scan their finger, linking their unique vein pattern to their identity and digital wallet, before purchasing the product.


  • Brands can expand their reach with new D2C relationships
  • A frictionless solution to managing age verification for the hospitality sector
  • More convenient for customers - no need to carry ID, cards or devices when buying a drink

“Vagabond believe that great wine should be accessible to all, so we’re delighted to showcase a selection of our wines from our Urban Winery in Battersea through FinGoVend. As a company that’s all about innovation and trying new things, FinGoVend will allow us to expand our footstep and reach new wine lovers beyond our seven London locations.”

Paul Hunter
Operations Director, Vagabond Wines

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